Introducing “Five Sentence Reviews”

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This summer I’ve been reading a lot of books and watching a lot of movies. I’ve even been seeing some “films” (which I think just means an artsy movie but could possibly mean any movie that has not been Hollywoodized (that’s a real word. I looked it up just in case)) and “theatre” (I’m told this is when real people actually breathe and talk in front of you on a stage. I know. Revolutionary!). Anyway, I always have lots of thoughts, opinions, and ideas about these things after reading/watching/listening/sleeping through them(*COUGHthegreatgatsby*). Usually, I just keep my rambly bambly opinions to myself , or only share them with people who I know have open and accepting ears. However, I also have this blog that exists and I’m not terribly sure what to do with it. I don’t think I’ll know what to to do with it unless I just do stuff, which is what I’m deciding to do:

I’ve invented this thing that probably already exists so I won’t take full credit for it. It’s where I’m requiring myself to review all the things I read/see every week in exactly five sentences. One sentence will be a brief summary and the other four sentences will be my thoughts. I will then give that thing a rating from 1 to 5 (1 being “where’s the toilet? I need to puke!!!” and 5 being “NECTAR OF THE GODS”) and deliver it to you on this blog every Saturday night(or Sunday morning depending on what kind of Saturday night shenanigans I’m getting myself into)

I’m doing this mostly to just get myself writing. Practicing my reviewing skills will make be better! But also, it’s a good way to share and recommend things because I rarely set out to read or see something unless it looks appealing or interesting to me! Okay. I will see you at the end of the week with the reviews. I’ve already seen and read some incredible stuff so SIGN UP TO RECEIVE EMAIL UPDATES ON THE SIDEBAR if you’re interested or if anyone’s actually reading this!


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