Castles, Castles, & umm…Castles?: This Week in Review

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This week I read 2 books and saw 1 movie in theatres!

Remains of the Day
by Kazuo Ishiguro

Stevens, the perfect English butler, worked for Lord Darlington through two great wars and now, with a new employer and times changing, he takes a road trip across the countryside which makes him contemplate his past. This book is not flashy, pushy, or extraordinary in its smaller moments. It’s subtle but constant, and because of this it was only after I finished that I realized what a perfect little book I had just read. I finished the final, beautiful passage and suddenly began thinking back on all of the smaller bits throughout the whole story, realizing how perfect in design the whole novel is. I think this book takes more patience than some others, but it is relatively short and if you stick it out you will discover something remarkable. 5/5 stars

Howl’s Moving Castle
by Diana Wynne Jones

Sophie’s future seems set but when the Witch of the Waste turns her into a old lady she must seek her fortune which includes finding the Wizard Howl and entering his moving castle. I really believe that this story is clever, magical, and delightful but I also believe that it doesn’t quite work in book format. The book is written so “matter of factly” and a tale that is so full of wonder needs a film adaptation or at least a graphic novel version. It doesn’t quite work when you can’t see the looks on their faces or the giant castle in motion. The story is worth hearing but perhaps just watch the Miyazaki film, which is not 100% truthful to the book but an excellent movie. 3/5 stars

Much Ado About Nothing
directed by Joss Whedon

Filmed in 12 days in Joss Whedon’s home, this is a classic retelling of Shakespeare’s original script with only a few cuts and all the love shenanigans. This was one of the most delightful movie theatre experiences I’ve had in a long time. Not only did Joss Whedon understand Shakespeare, so did all of his actors, and everyone who was roaring with laughter along with me in the theatre. This movie is filled with the luscious language that the actors revel in, but it’s also filled with physical comedy, original music, and sneaky surprises. Joss Whedon has once again proved that everything he touches turns to gold. 5/5 stars

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