Fear of Flying – Original Song

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I’ve been flying in airplanes since before I can remember. Two reasons.
1) My parents have the travel bug and that’s the only way to get across the world.
2) My parents both work for Boeing so they have an interest in and a knowledge of flight.

From as young as I can remember our family was getting in a plane to fly to Alaska or Africa. OR my parents would borrow my grandpa’s tiny plane and fly my brother and I themselves. Yup. They had pilot licenses. But I never enjoyed these trips the way the rest of my family did. The destination was always awesome but the airplane ride itself made me anxious, nervous, and jumpy. On many a domestic or international flight a slight bounce or minor turbulence would have me quickly glancing up at my parents to see if anything was wrong. They were always unperturbed, seeing those things as completely normal. Meanwhile, I was picturing all of us spiraling to our deaths. My parents explained in every way they could how safe flying was. The told me it’s safer than driving which I don’t have a fear of. My mom explained that even if an engine died, which is highly unlikely, the airplane is prepared and a large mishap would not be the result of it. Despite all of these facts, I can’t help the fear. It sneaks up on me when I tell myself I’m fine, I’m safe, I’m courageous. I consistently try to fight past all of my fears, at least the irrational ones. Because of this, I will be flying in planes for the rest of my life.  I’ll always want to travel and see the world. I don’t think writing this song made all of my anxiety vanish but I think it helped, at least a bit. Sometimes my songs are like self-therapy. I’m encouraging myself to be a better person and a stronger person in the future. Writing this was a way of  inspiring myself to push past the fear and enjoy the airtime. I’ll remind myself each time I step on a plane.

I thought of the first line when boarding a plane from Seattle to Dallas. I filmed the first line when flying from Dallas back home to Seattle. I didn’t have any other clips. Thanks to David, Nicole, and Jacob – who responded to a tweet and second channel video – I was able to compose a video that I’m quite proud of. Thanks for reading and watching!

One thought on “Fear of Flying – Original Song

    Gerald Ostorm said:
    July 19, 2013 at 1:36 am

    Kaysy, you neglected to mention that your parents are also both licensed private pilots, and you flew with them in my Piper Cherokee a few times. Somewhat reluctantly as I recall…

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