Edinburgh: Day 1

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I had a cozy little spot in the very back of the airplane. Last row by the window, completely content. A flight attendant even asked if I was okay back there and I said I was great! Little did I know that the man in front of me would recline his chair all the way back only to have me discover that my back row seat did not recline. I’ve never been so squished in an airplane in my life.

Time is a cruel thing. There I was, looking forward to an awesome adventure and time has never inched by so slowly. It was agonizingly slow and I developed an awful headache. That plane ride felt like an eternity but i just know that my time in Scotland will feel like a snap. Time is cruel.

When I left the plane the IFSA Butler program met me and a couple others right at the airport and I was happy right away. The other students, like me, were excited, jet lagged, smart students longing for travel, experience, and unknown adventures. They, like me, chose to leave their homes, their friends, and their universities to do something daring and exciting. That’s why I feel like I connected with them so quickly.

We and our baggage got transported on a bus to our hotel right in the heart of Edinburgh. Me and a few others decided to explore right when we arrived. Our hotel was right smack next to Edinburgh castle so naturally we walked right on up there:

Besides the amazing castle, this is the beautiful view of Edinburgh:

It’s just an amazing and captivating place. We didn’t have a ton of time but I did see this sign and it was too Scottish to not take a picture:

I’ll have to come by another weekend to take the tour.
After a very much needed lunch and shower a few of us were too restless to stay in so we decided once again to wander the city. The plus side of this wandering is we found this awesome carnival:


The negative side was that we made 6:00 dinner plans….and couldn’t find our way back to the hotel. We took about a 45 minute detour in which we embarrassingly had to ask a kind soul to Google where our hotel was (it was 1.8 miles from where we were) and couldn’t find our group (none of us have European phone plans yet).

But after our long walk we treated ourselves to dinner at the oldest pub in Edinburgh (the white hart inn) where I had my first legal drink – a pint of beer, of course.


Now I’m severely jet lagged and writing this in bed in my hotel. I know this is kind of a pointless update but the more I blog the better I’ll get so I’ll try to document some of this adventure for your sake and mine. Thank you for reading, friend. Cheers!

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