Days 3-5: Mostly Pictures

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The last couple days have mostly been orientation and exploring. I do have a couple photos to share, finally.
First, I will show you my flat.
This is the street that I live on:


Not only is it a beautiful street but I’m only a block or two away from grocery stores, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and friends.

This is what my room looks like:


It’s relatively small but big enough for me. Plus my flatmates so far are very social. We all have door stoppers and keep our doors open when we’re home so we can chat and share each other’s company. These door stoppers are technically fire hazards but we will just hide them in a drawer during inspection week.

This is the view from my window:


It’s not super scenic but because I’m on the third floor I feel safe opening my window and listening to city sounds.

This is my shared living space:



These rooms are connected. I stood between them to take these 2 pictures. As you can see it’s pretty spacious and because we’re all pretty social we will often be in there together. Just today we all sat down together; some of us to eat, some to type emails, some to play video games, or just chat. I love the vibe in my flat and feel so lucky to be living here and with these people.

A few other fun things. I went to orientation and tried to schedule my classes. I’m running into a few problems so I will share my classes later but at orientation a gold medalist bagpiper played for us, yes that’s a thing, and I got this awesome picture:


On the same day I also saw a double rainbow so, as you can imagine, I got very excited and sang the song. Friends here are quickly learning about my obsessions. I don’t know if you can tell in this photo but it is definitely double:


We went on a night adventure and I, no joke, saw a fox only a couple feet away from me. Naturally, I got very excited and tried to take a picture (that turned out awful but oh well). People said foxes are pretty common here and I got excited because maybe I will learn what the fox says! I also sang the song. I make great first impressions. Here’s my crap photo but at least it’s proof of the fox:


Today a friend and I went to the Kelvingrove museum which is right by campus and has a giant art as well as natural history collection. We were in the museum for maybe 2 hours and only saw the art section. Luckily, it’s free so we can return anytime. Also, it’s only a few blocks from where I live.


Finally, as part of orientation the  international students were invited to a social event in a giant hall with traditional Scottish music and dancing. This took place in a giant hall on campus. I’m still in awe of how beautiful this university is:



I actually just got home from this event and am now going out for a night on the town with people I met tonight, people I met last night, and people I met at the beginning. The group of friends I’ve made here is quickly growing.

Cheers! And I will update soon.

One thought on “Days 3-5: Mostly Pictures

    Zach Barr said:
    February 18, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    And the museum is free??? Jealous.

    The fox picture isn’t so bad. 🙂

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