A Very Delayed Life Update

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Wow, it appears last time we talked, dear blog readers, I was in Budapest. Well, I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth but I did abruptly stop blogging. My abroad trip was fantastic but after returning from Spring Break to the reality of writing two giant essays I had enough of writing and didn’t type another word for the rest of my trip.

Here’s a quick list of the things I neglected to post about.

1. After Budapest I went to Zagreb, Croatia:

2. When I returned to Glasgow I wrote 2 giant essays in the span of a week that totaled in over 6000 words and too much of my grade.

3. My parents visited me in Scotland and we visited the incredible Isle of Skye:
skye skye2

4. I went on an amazing trip to Ireland, including the scenic Northern Ireland and the bustling Dublin.
irel irel2

5. I turned 21 and threw myself a giant party.
21 212

6. I flew from Glasgow back home to Seattle and cried because of how great the trip was.

7. I went to Vidcon, for the 3rd time, and had ridiculous amounts of fun.
vid1 vid2

8. I reunited with friends, family, and cat for a beautiful Seattle summer.
seatt1 seatt2

9. I drove cross-country with my mom and my cat from Seattle to Dallas.

10. I moved into a new apartment and began my senior year of college!
senior1 senior2

Now, we’ve finally made it to the present. Currently, I’m swamped with work, classes, and rehearsals for many projects. I updated this blog/website so that if you visit the homepage (kaysyostrom.wordpress.com or just press “Home” in the tab above) there’s a new Current and Upcoming Projects section. I will do my best to keep that section up-to-date so that you can always check it to see what’s going on in my artistic life. I will try to give updates about each project in blog posts as well. Hopefully, I’ll post on the blog less frequently than my early abroad days and more frequently than the summer because even though I’m not going on tons of crazy adventures, I’m still working on some really cool things!

Projects Update:
First, I’m rehearsing for Top Girls by Caryl Churchill, a mainstage production at SMU. I get to play three different characters, all with different British dialects and performances are coming up! Top Girls plays from October 22nd-26th. You can find more details about the production and buy tickets here: http://mcs.smu.edu/calendar/event/top-girls-caryl-churchill

I am also beginning rehearsals this week for a play I am directing, a stage production of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope by Ian Doescher. This is the first full-length play that I am directing. It is both exciting and terrifying, but I have a great cast so I think it will all come together in the end. This is a free student-produced show that will have performances mid-November. More specific details to come!

Finally, I am currently writing a full-length play called Sweet, Sweet Justice, which is a dark comedy about betrayal, revenge, girl power, mayhem, and murder. Right now the play is only in it’s beginning stage (we’re talking first draft and I don’t even KNOW what will happen in the second act!!) but next semester the play will be presented as a staged reading in the New Visions, New Voices festival at SMU! More details about that in the spring!

Tonks says Meow!
And I say THANKS FOR READING! I’ll type to you again soon!


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