Hello, Fall.

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It finally feels like Fall to me.
Why is that, you ask? The pumpkin spice has been in coffee shop windows for over a month now! The leaves are a’changing! (Well, the leaves in Texas have stayed relatively green) but the main reason it feels like Fall is because I was able to take a break from my busy life and spend 4 whole days resting, adventuring, and generally not-schooling. Here’s my chronicle of Fall Break 2014.

Friday, October 10th:
Art fill: I went to Brown Bag, which is an annual student-choreographed dance show. The dances and the dancers were incredible, as usual. It was a great way to start the long weekend and made me so proud to be going to such an amazing arts school.

Ego fill: My roommate Sasha and I decided to go to Krispy Kreme, because we recieved a coupon for a free doughnut in the mail. When I got there a man handed me another doughnut. “What’s this for?”, I said to him. “Because you’re beautiful,” he said. I blushed big time. And then I went home and scarfed some free doughnuts. Yum.
 Lookin’ beautiful at the entrance to Krispy Kreme 🙂

Saturday, October 11th:
Art fill: I went to Dallas Theatre Center to see some of my friends in the Rocky Horror Show. I had two margaritas and a gin&tonic pre-show so I was in a fantastic mood. I sang along, I danced. I shouted things at the actors. It was a wild show and terribly fun. Good work, team. I’d go back if I had the time in my schedule!
Ego fill: One of the fun aspects about Rocky Horror is that you can buy a little bag of props. During certain parts of the show you get to throw them at the actors or audience or whoever you want. Well, I didn’t buy the prop bag but after intermission the dudes sitting next to me gave me their remaining props. “Why?” I asked. “Because you’re having so much fun,” they said. It’s true. I was.
Rocky Horror!

Sunday, October 12th:
Art fill: Today I went to CD source, a music store really near me that is unfortunately closing 😦 However, because they’re closing they are having a huuuuge blowout sale. I got eight new vinyl records without going over $30. This included artists Heart, Carole King, Elton John, Nat King Cole, Manhattan Transfer, Simon and Garfunkel, The Romantics, and Pat Benatar. Real good tunes, real good price. I could listen to these songs til the end of time.
Ego fill: Although the Seahawks lost to the Cowboys I risked life and limb to wear my new Seahawks jersey around Dallas for game day. At Half Price Books the man checking out my books said, “Wow, you have good taste! …except your jersey.”
I looked real cute in the pumpkin patch though.

Monday, October 13th:
Art fill: Today I made the trip to the State Fair of Texas. The State Fair is one of those places where you either gotta save up and go all out, or just know that you won’t be able to do anything once you’re inside because everything costs money, EVERYTHING. The food, the rides, the attractions. Well, except the Creative Arts Exhibit which was my favorite. The giant butter sculpture of horses was pretty hard to beat. We had a pretty fantastic day despite spending way too much money. And I got to see some two-headed turtles, so that was pretty cool.
With Big Tex at the State Fair!

Ego fill: The DART broke down on our way home (Dallas public transport) so we called a Lyft to bring us back home. Our Lyft driver recognized me…from when I went to a poetry reading in a cape. These kinds of things only happen to me, I swear.
Also, shoutout to Seattle! For legally changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day. I wish I had done more to celebrate the holiday, but there’s always next year! Proud of my city.

Tuesday, October 14th:
Art fill: Today was the day of our SMUT Dawgs mixer! SMUT Dawgs is the SMU Theatre’s Intramural Football Team, and because we’re co-ed I signed myself up! At the mixer we designed our jerseys which meant assigning ourselves a nickname and a number and painting them on. I chose #25 (because that’s also the Seahawks jersey I have) and my nickname is KA-SAY-SAY. There were some pretty incredible nickname and number choices, including numbers such as pi, infinity, and, well, 666. We’re gonna be a pretty terrifying team on the field.
Our terrifying team! SMUT DAWGS
Ego fill: Today was also the first day of my life that I successfully changed my own tire! The front tire on my car went flat but I enlisted the help of my downstairs neighbors and us three classy ladies switched that tire out learning how to change a tire on our own! And it wasn’t too bad at all. Because I was able to drive I took myself to a coffee-shop to work on writing my play and to get out of the house!

Fall Break is over and I have some pretty insane weeks ahead of me. Top Girls is starting Tech and I’m going full force into my Star Wars rehearsals which means rehearsals are every night from 6-midnight. Oh yeah, and I work every morning at 8am.
I hope during this insane time I can remember to get my Art and Ego Fill like I did over Fall Break! Thanks for reading and I hope you’re enjoying Fall in all it’s wonder!




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