Thoughts on my #tfios song – 3 years later

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Three years ago today I uploaded a video to YouTube that has gained over 60,000 views and probably the nicest comments I’ve ever read ever. But more importantly, making and sharing this video has taught me a lot. It’s taught me that my creative voice has power. It has taught me that I should create both in the pursuit of artistic excellence AND in an attempt to say something I believe. It has taught me that the things we love bring us together, and that’s something to be celebrated. It’s taught me that there is a fine but beautiful balance between “sharing” and “spouting” or “preaching” or “showing off” (although those other things are not necessarily always bad, when you “share” people can in turn share with you which is an incredible thing.) This video has taught me that maybe the best I’ve done was three whole years ago, that maybe I’m a washed up youtube-has-been, and that maybe nothing I ever do or make or write or create will have as big of an impact on humans than this one song I wrote in 3 days about a book that I didn’t write. And it has taught me to never stop creating, making, and sharing, because wow, I love it. And wow, has it been worth it. And wow, has it been a really lovely 3 years of new thoughts and melodies and books and memories that are totally worth sharing. *New song coming soon*

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