I Have a Website!

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I have a website!!!
That’s right, kaysyostrom.com is a real website owned by me.
Congrats. You are already here.
That’s right. I bought my domain name, connected it to my wordpress account, and now my “blog” is also my “professional website”!
What does this mean?
As far as blog posts go, hopefully nothing, except more frequent posts about my life and my projects. *fingers crossed*
As far as appearance goes, hopefully a lot! THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT. If you visit the site within the next few months and things looks crazy different every time, it’s only because I’m trying to figure out the best way to advertise “me”. As an artist and as a human. Let me know if you’re a website guru and you have any tips for creating the best. place. online. ever.
And now…Life Update:
Rehearsals have begun for a staged reading of my original play Sweet, Sweet Justice.
cover photo justice
Sweet, Sweet Justice is a dark comedy about betrayal, revenge, girl power, mayhem, and murder. The play will take place on the weekend of March 20th-22nd on the Greer Garson stage at Meadows Arts School, SMU as a part of the New Visions, New Voices 2015 festival. This is the first full-length play that I’ve written and I’m so proud of what it’s become and the direction it is going – yes, I’m still editing until we perform! And, guess what? It’s free! So let me know if you are interested and I’ll get a complimentary ticket set aside for you! Check out the facebook event to stay updated here.
Next, tech week has begun for The Sparrow, a play about grief, high school, and superpowers!
See me in my cool superhero pajamas in the bottom right? That’s not my costume, but that is the team standing on our awesome set! The Sparrow is directed by SMU Theatre Alum Molly Murphy and will be showing on the Greer Garson stage at Meadows School of the Arts from February 28th through March 1st. I play a townsperson and student which means I got to invent a personality around my characters which has been an absolute blast! Read more about this one of a kind show here. And buy your tickets here.
Finally, rehearsals start this week for Prism, a movement theater piece created by PrismCo.
That’s not me. That’s my friend, and co-creator of movement theatre company PrismCo, Katy Tye! Prism explores the beginning of civilization through the elements of darkness, light, and color with movement, flashlights, paint and other crazy theatrical elements. It will be performed at Trinity Groves in Dallas this April. Check out the PrismCo website for more info here.
That’s it, for now! And by “that’s it” I mean, DEAR GOD I’M SO BUSY WITH ALL OF THE THINGS! It’s a very exciting time. Let’s share it, shall we?
Until next time,


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