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Tonight, is the opening night of THE SPARROW, the SMU mainstage show I’ve been working on for the past month!

The above poster has all the boring details so let’s move on to the fun part.
The Sparrow is about a girl, Emily, who returns to a small town dealing with a big tragedy. But Emily has many secrets, including that she has SUPERPOWERS. Oops. I spoiled it. But, I mean, come on! What better way to convince you to come see a play than to tell you there’s fighting, flying, dance numbers, stunts, and tricks, on top of the good performances?
Here’s Emily:

 I’m not playing her but I am playing that sexy cheerleader talking on the phone on the upper right hand side of the photo. Emily is played by my brilliant friend Ariana Howell. She is the kind of actor that lets you look right through her eyeballs and into her spirit. And yeah, I worded that funny, cause I couldn’t help myself, but I totally mean it. So I’m not the star, but I have a fair amount of “star moments” as shown in this picture:


Check out my splits!! No one can stop me!!!! This is the other awesome thing about our show: the ensemble gets to create the characters of the the townspeople and the students who are the backbone of the story. You may not know much about Phoebe Marks(that’s me), but the cheerleading team has never let me be front row center of a cheer until this moment! The stakes are high!!!
Working with this ensemble has been a blast and creating our characters together has been thrilling. I could tell you things about all the characters above that are nowhere to be found in the script. One of them is the class witch! I’m convinced that one of them is trying to steal my man! One of them is my BEST FRIEND EVER BUT SOMETIMES DRIVES ME CRAZY. It’s these kind of things that have made this show so much fun to work on.
Oh yeah,  and did I mention the flying, the dodgeball 300-esque fight sequence, and the musical number (when I get to play the Glockenspiel!!)?

sparrow9sparrow11 sparrow12sparrow6

I hope I’ve convinced you to check out The Sparrow!
If you want a more informative article check out this lovely article written by my friend (and cast member!) Ally Van Deuren.
And finally, don’t forget to BUY TICKETS!
 All photos courtesy of SMU Meadows School of the Arts and photographer Kim Leeson.

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    […] year spring break snuck up on me. I was so busy working on the Sparrow and my original play that I didn’t think about what I wanted to do with a week long break. […]

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