A Spring Break of Creative Wins

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Remember that new camera I talked about? Well, I completed my first YouTube video with it. The song, “Over the Moon” is about convincing yourself that you’re over someone when you’re maybe not over them and the wave of emotions that goes along with that process. I filmed the whole thing in my bedroom using my comforter and cut-outs of stars, clouds, and a moon. I’m pretty proud of the result and you can watch it here:

I’ve been LOVING this new camera.  I consider myself a pretty creative human, but I see the world even more creatively with this new camera by my side.
Here’s a few more photos I took from my Spring Break adventures in Beaumont, TX and at the Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve outside Dallas. Sign me up to be a real photographer. This is fun!!
DSC_0481 – DSC_0497DSC_0578 DSC_0619
And last BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST – my very first original play SWEET, SWEET JUSTICE  is having a staged reading performance this Saturday!! Here’s a sneak peek of that beauty.
It was a refreshing and creatively productive Spring Break and I’m looking forward to what this next crazy week brings!

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