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For the last 6 or so months I’ve been working on my first ever full-length play. Every spring at SMU the Senior playwrights get the opportunity to have their full-length plays produced as staged readings in the New Visions New Voices festival.  That staged reading of my play is TOMORROW!

justice post card

SWEET, SWEET JUSTICE is a dark comedy by Kaysy Ostrom about revenge, girl power, murder and mayhem. Carmen has recently learned that her husband is a cheating son of a bitch. Now, she’s awaiting his arrival home from work with a revenge scheme plotted and planned out. But, when Carmen enlists the help of her husband’s error-prone mistress, her script takes a deadly turn and the evening begins to unravel into chaos. Will justice prevail?
I’m happy that I even finished a full-length play. That alone is a success. The fact that I wrote an 80-page script truly boggles my mind. I did it! But besides that, I’m actually really proud of my play. I’m not the next Tennessee Williams but I like this little monster  I’ve created. Being a writer is so weird, being a playwright even weirder. Giving my work to actors and a director has been hard for me. I have to let go of my artistic attachment. They are inevitably going to make their own decisions about the text. They’re not going to read my mind and say the words exactly how I thought them when I put them on the page. That’s what a play is. Normally, the playwright is just not in the room to witness people getting it “right” or “wrong”, if there are such things. The process has been a little bit of a bumpy ride but as we near performance I’m just gushing with pride. The actors and director have really stepped it up and committed to making my crazy words a reality. The audience won’t laugh at everything that I personally find funny. I know it. But they will laugh in parts and, more importantly, they will be taken to the kooky world I invented with my words. One day, I’d love to do a fully produced version of this thing, but you’re definitely missing something awesome if you miss my playwriting debut tomorrow night at 8pm. Checkout the facebook event page.
Here’s a select few photos of the actors KILLIN IT. Beware of unintentional photographic spoilers by seeing these photos!
When I fall in love,
it will be forever,
Or I’ll never fall in love.”
“You’ve been married to this woman for 7 years!?”
“You’re offering me chocolate from my pantry?”

“Here you are! Have a comfortable and safe flight!”



“Wake up.”
I hope to see you all tomorrow night at my playwriting debut!

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