My First Ball Game!

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Take me out to the ball game!
I’ve never been to a professional sports game. My parents never had an interest, being the devoted engineer/traveler/nature gurus they were/are. I became devoted to theatre at a young age and, although I kicked a soccer ball around for a bit, sports was never a very important aspect of my life.  However, in this past year or two I’ve become that annoying Seattle-ite. I root for my city in any way that I can. That’s why, when I heard that the Texas Rangers were playing the Seattle Mariners on SMU night, I joined my fellow theatre majors for a trip to the baseball stadium. Even though I have no Mariners gear I made sure to dress in blues and greens among the red and blues.
When we got to the field it was pouring down rain, which I saw as a good omen. “Our boys KNOW how to play in the rain!” The game was postponed a bit which gave us time to explore the stadium, buy giant margaritas, and witness a BEAUTIFUL rainbow stretching over the field.
Then the game began! I was in the minority as a Mariners fan but, because I was surrounded by friends, I felt no fear yelling and cheering for my team while many fans booed and jeered. And guess what?? We won 3-1!!!! One of my friends said that her mom, a devoted Rangers fan, would call her bad luck. I secretly thought, maybe I’m good luck!
I don’t know if I will go to many more  sports games after this. I enjoyed watching and cheering but the best part was doing something fun with friends. We had dance parties, sang the national anthem in harmony together, and managed to get on the big screen once! (considering how high up we were it was very impressive)
Oh yeah, and I brought my video camera around with me to document the day.
Until next time!

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