Favorite Songs in April

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I recently started a segment on my tumblog called “Favorite Song Friday”. On each Friday I post one of my favorite songs that week. The song doesn’t necessarily come out that week, or even that month or year. I just post the song that I am feeling on that particular Friday. I’d like to share with you the songs I loved this month:
Favorite Song Friday – 4/3/15 – And Then There Were None by Original Spring Awakening Cast
On this particular Friday I had a 16-hour rehearsal for a 24-hour full production of Spring Awakening the Musical. My FAVORITE song in this play is And Then There Were None. In my humble opinion it’s the perfect musical theatre song. It furthers the plot, it furthers the character development, it makes you feel things, and its stunning to watch live. When he yells “F*ck it!” at the end you believe the journey, feel all the angst and just want to yell with him! Some may find the narration “annoying”. Maybe it only works on stage but I love this song. I want more punk songs for girls in musicals like this one. Maybe I need to write one myself.
Favorite Song Friday – 4/10/15 – Dearly Departed by Shakey Graves feat. Esmé Patterson
“Well you and I both know that the house is haunted
And you and I both know that the ghost is me.”
Sometimes you fall in love at first lyric. And then stomp and clap to the rest of the song. A really lively, lovely song.
Favorite Song Friday – 4/17/15 – Could I Be by Sylvan Esso
I’ve been completely obsessed with Sylvan Esso’s self-titled album this week. It was hard for me to decide which one to choose for my FSF cause every track is just so beautiful and perfect. It’s the perfect mix of singer-songwriting vocals and lyrics with real cool electro back-up. I’m terribly excited to see them at Sasquatch. Seriously, check out the whole album. It’s so good.
Favorite Song Friday – 4/24/15 – Tear in My Heart by Twenty-One Pilots
Sometimes a song so captures an experience that you don’t have to experience it yourself to totally identify and know what the singer is feeling. Addicted to this one this week.

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