Kaysy Graduates from College!

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This past week I graduated from Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Theatre and a Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship (WHAAAAAT?? OMG TIME FLIES WOW OKAY CALM DOWN WOOO!)
These past four years have been a whirlwind: I made tons of amazing friends, who all happen to be incredible theatre artists. I studied hard in *almost* all of my classes, (the General Requirement Science classes were a struggle). I had many new rewarding experiences like, I don’t know, my 5 month study abroad adventure in Scotland, my first time directing a play, my first time writing a play, and four years of acting training with incredible professors. I’m really, really proud of what I’ve accomplished to say the least. And yet, I’m absolutely terrified about the future. Maybe it’s because I’m a recent graduate and for as long as I’ve known, I’ve never been unsure of what’s next. The next year of school is followed by the next year of school is followed by the next year of school. This has been my life for 15+ years. Now, I’ve moved back home to Seattle with the goal of somehow getting myself involved with the Seattle theatre community but it feels like I’m at ground zero. I have four years of awesome training but now it’s up to me to make my own future. It’s scary. Exciting, but scary. I hope, for my own benefit, that I maintain my sanity, my joy for life, and my love of the theatre, despite my successes and failures.
I wrote a song before I began college. I was in New York City thinking about the next step in my life and how scared I was that I had decided to pursue theatre against the odds. That song is more true now than ever and I recorded it to commemorate my graduation and to let out all the *feels* about what will happen next.

Thank you for listening! And here are a few photos of my graduation!

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