New Song! Inside Out

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My newest song was inspired by the wonderfully quirky, funny, sad, silly, smart, and overall brilliant movie Inside Out!

I saw a prescreening of this movie through SIFF cinema (Seattle International Film Festival). The theatre was crowded with Pixar fans young and old and the movie did not disappoint. At times it is the most colorful of all of the Pixar movies, with the “voices” being both physically and vocally VIBRANT. At other times it was the most “realistic” of PIxar’s movies. The bits in Riley’s real life hit so close to home, I thought “This is real. This is so real.” I laughed and laughed and laughed and broke down and sobbed at one point. The movie took me in SO many directions emotionally! Which means it was a success since the movie is about…well…emotions. I was so moved afterwards that I decided to write this little song about it, which I had such a fun time writing, singing, and filming.


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