BAT BOY! And My Crazy Weekend!

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This weekend was crazy. CRAZY, I TELL YOU.

I opened my first post-grad play, YETI’s production of Bat Boy the Musical! I’ve been trying to post about my plays here BEFORE they happen, but this one got the best of me! Bat Boy rehearsed for exactly five weeks, three weeks we were in the beautiful Cornish Playhouse right in Seattle Center. Then the last two weeks we were at our awesome performance venue: Ballard Underground. Smack between a used record store and a pie bar (yes, booze and pies), this 100-seat underground black box was so Seattle, I could’ve cried. Oh, and there was a Starbucks placed nicely on the corner for my coffee fix. I played multiple characters including Bud, a cow rancher, Daisy, a southern lady, and, my favorite, Pan, the Greek god of nature and fertility. As a self-proclaimed character actress, these parts were a dream! Opening night went wonderfully BUT! I could not go out and celebrate that evening because I had a 10a.m. audition the next morning!

Me as Pan! (photo courtesy of Jacob Iglitzin)

Saturday I woke up bright and early to trek downtown for my audition (not saying what for mwahaha). Located in Seattle Center on the same day as the Polish festival I was able to follow up my audition with Polish pastries and family – including meeting my new cousin Savannah ~ what a cutie! Then I rushed to Ballard for call time for Bat Boy. Ballard was having their annual SeafoodFest! Which meant that parking was a nightmare but during our break between shows we got to have delicious seafood and beer. After the second show I drove home exhausted from my two-show day only to receive an e-mail: I WAS CALLED BACK!!! ….and had to return to Seattle Center at 10AM the next day.

Scary Chorus surrounds Bat Boy. (photo courtesy of Jacob Iglitzin)

 I woke up bright and early again, but this time to attend my call back! Afterwards, I drove back to Ballard to close Bat Boy. Our final show was sold out and it was absolutely exhilarating. Then we had to strike the set from our beautiful venue. Every good thing must come to an end! And I had to leave strike early to go to …. another audition (also not saying for what mwahaha)!! Picking up Thai food on the go, I went to my second audition of the weekend, which was combined with a callback right afterwards! I arrived home 12 hours after I had left in the morning feeling completely exhausted and SO FULL AND ACCOMPLISHED.

DSC01372 (1)
an again!  (photo courtesy of Jacob Iglitzin)


This is the life that I dreamed of when I decided to be a theatre major 4 years ago. Nothing glamorous. I made 0$ this weekend but I achieved so much in the area of what I love! Sure, I have to be a little more sustainable (going back to work next week – chaching!), but this is the life I want. Exhausting and energizing at the same time.

Let’s do it again soon!

One thought on “BAT BOY! And My Crazy Weekend!

    Kyle Marshall said:
    July 14, 2015 at 2:39 am

    Your enthusiasm is obvious. It’s also infectious. I am so stoked that you are doing what you love! I hope that I can see a performance of yours soon. I am planning on coming back to Seattle after all…

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