New Song! Dear JK Rowling

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As someone who grew up listening to my Dad read Harry Potter to me every night before bed, seeing all the movies in theatres, and dressing up as characters for midnight premieres or Halloweens, it’s a bit surprising that Harry Potter is something I’ve never written about, especially as someone who writes an incredible amount of songs about the books I read. I guess I was always a little scared. So many people have done it before me, and they’re “better fans”, right? I’ve only read the books once. I have a Gryffindor hat that I bought at Goodwill and a Fred sweater that I homemade for a premiere, despite Pottermore accurately sorting me into Ravenclaw. I have never bought any other Potter memorabilia. If you drop a hardcore fact on me, like a deep cut Potterhead slam dunk, I honestly might be confused. I haven’t read the books in a while!


That said, Harry Potter dramatically impacted my life. I waited for my Hogwarts letter in the mail. I eyed my family’s broom wishing I could fly. (I even tried multiple times to get it to fly into my hand). I looked forward to bedtime, when my dad would read until we fell asleep and I especially looked forward to camping trips when we’d read Harry Potter all day on the beach.


There’s no such thing as being a “bad fan” if you love something. And I’ve found there’s nothing but love from the Harry Potter fan community and from all of the others who may not get involved in fan culture but still have a deep love of Harry and JK Rowling’s wonderful stories.
This year I picked up two of Rowling’s other books. I have yet to read them but I’m looking forward to all the other worlds she spins with her words. Thanks JK Rowling! And also thank you to Nirali, (firewordsparkler on YouTube). We’ve been meaning to collaborate and finding her “Dear JK Rowling” video inspired me to finally put my fear aside and write a song about what Harry Potter means to me!
Enjoy the song!


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