New Song! Silent Storm

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“New Song: Silent Storm

Forgive me for not wearing my finest dress.

It’s not that you are not someone I’d like to impress.

There’s a storm growing heavy here in my chest.

There are words clouding my mind. They go unexpressed.”

I wrote this song my sophomore year of college having just read the Tennessee Williams play “Spring Storm”. I had a lot of storm imagery in my mind and a lot of thoughts floating around my head about unfulfilled love: maybe if we weren’t so shy, maybe if we spoke our minds, maybe if we were vocal instead of silent, maybe if we used more of our active efforts, then ours wouldn’t have been an unfulfilled love. But life is not so simple and easy. It’s scary to stick your neck out. It’s scary to brave a storm. And so sometimes instead of acting on how we feel we simply “hold our hats and hope for the best” as life blows and knocks us around for better or for worse. I don’t know if there’s a moral to this. It’s an experience I’ve had in many areas of my life, not just love. I wonder what could have been had I done more. I hope it’s an experience others can relate to as well. Enjoy the song!

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