My 2015 Reading Statistics

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I used a fancy chart to track my reading statistics this year.

I read a total of 51 books.

I read a total of 15,743 pages.

My average book length was 308.7 pages.

52.9% of authors were male, 35.3% were female, 11.8% were female/male collaborations.


64.7% of authors were American. The rest were split between many nationalities with the next two highest being 13.7% English and 9.8% Canadian.

image (1)

78.4% of authors were white. Only 21.6% were non-white.
Note: This was sometimes a difficult statistic to record. Often race was not listed so I only wrote non-white if their author photo made that obvious. Some of the “white” authors could be mixed. I think the statistic still stands because they could “pass” for white.
image (5)

I read 33.3% fiction, 25.5% graphic novels, 11.8% nonfiction, 5.9% drama, 7.8% Short Stories and the remaining small percentages went to Science Fiction, Young Adult and Fantasy.
Note: This was also hard to record. I did my best. Fiction includes all adult contemporary and historical fiction so it’s a very broad category. Many of the graphic novels, short stories, and young adult books also fell into other categories like fiction, science fiction, and fantasy but I kept it in it’s own category regardless.

image (10)
68.6% of the books I read were paperback. 17.6% were hardback. The remaining small percentages were audiobook, kindle, and a series of comics.

image (7)

I read books mostly in the rage of 150-450 pages. I still read quite a few in the range of 0-150, even less in ranges 450-750. I had one outlier in the range of 1,050-1,200. My shortest book was Waiting for Godot at 61 pages and my longest book was The Wise Man’s Fear at 1,107 pages.

image (4)

Almost all the books I read were published after 2010. I still read quite a few books published between 1950 and 2010. I read only 3 books dated before 1950. Those books were Pride and Prejudice (1813), Alice in Wonderland (1865), and St. Joan (1923).

image (9)

Finally, I rated every book I read from 1-5 stars. I rated 18 books 4 stars (I loved it), 16 books 3 stars (I liked it), 15 books 5 stars (I REALLY loved it), and 2 books 2 stars (did not like it).
Note: I gave up on some books before finishing that may have fallen in the 1-2 star category had I completed them.

image (8)

Overall, I’m very happy with the books I read this year. There are certain problems above. My biggest problem is that my statistics clearly show I’m reading overwhelmingly white authors and still more male than female authors. There are other categories I didn’t include, such as the author’s sexual orientation or religion which I found hard to notate because often an author does not list that on their wikipedia. These categories could have also showed the lack of diversity in my reading. I don’t think my lack of diversity is red flag alarming – I could have done much worse. It’s also not something I paid very close attention to when choosing what I felt like reading next. Question: Is it a me problem or a publishing problem? That I do not know but I know I can improve my diversity simply by paying closer attention to what I’m picking up next. Usually I just try to pick up books because they excite me and I want to read them. I need to find a good balance.

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