New Song! All the Same

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This is not an original song. It’s a cover of a song I adore: All the Same by Julia Nunes.

Confession: I didn’t know of this song until I was asked to be part of a YouTube musician collaboration where we all chose a song off of Julia Nunes’s most recent album “Some Feelings” to cover. Then we’d all post it on the same day as a way to say “Hey, Julia, you mother of YouTube bedroom musicians, we LOVE your new album and we LOVE what you’ve done for musicians on YouTube!”

I asked my friend, and creator of this fabulous project, Nick Taniguchi which song on the album just shouted KAYSY and this was the first song he recommended to me. I listened to it and was totally hooked. It’s sad, it’s real, it’s catchy, it’s clever and I totally related to lyrics. I’m always blaming myself for my runaway emotions so it was like freaking song therapy to cover this tune.

Then there’s this brilliant lyric, “Am I pre-programmed to live for somebody else?” and that sparked an idea in my mind for a little video-story to be paired with the song: A robot who can’t help but fall in love again and again and again even though she keeps being left and hurt. That’s just how she’s programmed. I’m totally proud of this one and I hope you enjoy it too. Be sure to check out all of the other songs in the collaboration!

(*Note: If you’re reading this on the 10th, the videos for the collab don’t go public until the 11th. You’re watching the sneaky unlisted version but it’s the same video! Come back to see more!)

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