New Song! You’re a Hottie

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I have a worn, scuffed up pair of boots. I wear them all the time. I traveled the world in them and I hope to continue to travel in them. I have tons of stories that have happened to me while I was wearing those boots and I love to share those stories. I began to think of an idea for a song ~

“I couldn’t stop staring at her booooooo…” – make it sound like I’m going to say something physical – but really say boots!

After all, I’d love someone to fall in love with the stories I tell and want to create more stories with me as we stomp through the world together. Then I thought: what other little word tricks could I play?

What about boooooooooooks? I want someone to love me for our shared interests – be they books, movies, plays, TV series etc. Or respect my tastes despite our differences!

I want someone to love me for the size of my brain, not the size bra I wear, for the shape of my smile, not the shape of my curves. And gosh darn, I want them to think I’m a hottie too but for all of the above reasons and not simply because of the body I exist in.

And I want to give that same kind of love as badly as I want to receive it.

Enjoy the song!

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