New Song! The April Witch

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“She lives in April grasses, the whistle on the wind, the rumble of a storm cloud, curving smile of a lip. And when a nervous body held out a trembling hand, though it seemed there was no chance in hell the two began to dance”

A year ago I sat in outside a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas sipping on an iced coffee and reading Ray Bradbury short stories. I stumbled across a gem titled “The April Witch”. It being April at the time of reading, the story jumped out at me even more. It was the tale of a young magical girl who can jump into things to experience them, she can be the wind, a flower, grass, sand, a human (*gasp*). One day she tells her parents over dinner that she wants to be in love. Her parents warn her that falling in love with a mortal means losing all of her magical powers so she decides to jump into the body of a mortal girl and try to experience love through her, so as not to lose her magic. This human girl then has a very confusing evening in which she accepts an invitation to go to a dance from someone she had previously been TOTALLY uninterested in and goes on to spend the evening falling madly in love with that person despite all logic and past experience. It’s the April Witch, you see. Or is it?

I love this idea because sometimes love in inexplicable, confusing, downright frustrating, or freaking magical. Am I in control of my own brain or has the April Witch taken over?

Enjoy the song and enjoy spring, my friends!

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