New Song! and Japan!

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Devin and I traversed Japan for 10 VERY eventful days and I made the above video with some clips from our trip! We did too many things over the course of 10 days to ever write in this blog but here are the highlights from our trip to Japan

Day 1 Highlights (travelling to Tokyo)
– We spent over 20 hours travelling, ARRIVED in Tokyo, and successfully found our hotel despite the lack of English

Day 2 Highlights (Tokyo)
– We explored the market and shops in Asakusa, got lost then found in Electric Town (Akhibara), made cat friends at the local cat cafe, and enjoyed the nightlife in Shinjuku with our old friend, Evan.

Day 3 Highlights (Tokyo)
– We learned how to pray and receive our fortune at Sensoji Temple, took the Sumida River Cruise to Harajuku Gardens, explored Meiji shrine, shopped and ate crepes on Takashita street in Harajuku, and ended the day with a delicious bowl of ramen.

Day 4 Highlights (Kamakura)
We traveled to Kamakura where we prayed before Kōtoku-in or Great Buddha, saw cranes and koi around the Hasadera temple, and enjoyed beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean (from the other side!) from our hotel room.

Day 5 Highlights (Hakone)
We traveled to Hakone where we went all the way to the top of Odwarda castle, then checked into a traditional ryokan with the most incredible rainforest view and enjoyed hot springs direct from the local volcano.

Day 6 Highlights (Hakone)
We rode a cable car up to the Mt. Hakone volcano, ate black eggs that are supposed to make you live to be 100 years old, rode a pirate ship across Lake Ashi, walked some of the original Tokaido trail, and visited the open air sculpture museum.

Day 7 Highlights (Kyoto)
We rode the shinkansen (bullet train!) to Kyoto where we saw the dragon ceilings at Kennin-ji Temple, got soaked by the downpouring rain, and saw real Gaiko during a Gion Geisha walking tour.

Day 8 Highlights (Kyoto)
We explored the Red Arches at Fushimi Inara Shrine, walked through the Kyoto Imperial Palace, saw the brilliant Kinkaku-ji, or golden temple, saw a praying mantis at the zen buddhist garden Ryōan-ji, had some delicious Matcha Ice cream, walked through the amazing, tall Bamboo garden, and ended the night by renting a karaoke room!

Day 9 Highlights (Kyoto & Osaka)
We explored the shopping arcades where I bought a Yukata, traveled to Osaka where we went Pokehunting in Utsobo Park, and walked through Dotonbori at night.

Day 10 Highlights (Tokyo)
We took the shinkansen back to Tokyo and explored the Tokyo Edo Museum before heading to our farewell dinner. Goodbye, Japan!

You still haven’t seen the last of the photos! More to come in my end of year “best photography” album. Yay!

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