10 Awesome Albums from 2016!

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At the end of the year I try to do a Facebook poll asking my friends for their album suggestions. This year I did not make enough time to actually listen to all of my friend’s suggestions, oops! But I did notice was a LOT of trends. This year people loved Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Kanye, Beyonce, Car Seat Headrest, Radiohead, and Angel Olsen, to name a few. I saw a lot of the same albums on lots of lists. And  I don’t disagree: Those albums are AWESOME. My favorite album of 2016 was DEFINITELY Lemonade. Uh-may-zing. But that album got a lot of press and there were other smaller albums I loved this year that I saw not making any lists SO this list is of albums that I loved in 2016 that I didn’t see on other lists! This also took the pressure off of me to decide if something was my favorite after one listen. I’ve spent the entire year obsessing over these gems. Maybe you’ll find something new to listen to or maybe you’ll realize that I’m a sucker for specific types of music (*cough* singer-songwriter lady-types *cough*) Here is my list!

1. Good Grief – Lucius
Image result for good grief lucius

“I had a dream where you were standing there with a gun up to my head. You were asking how it felt to which I said I cannot lie there is a tingling down my spine, you have revenge, I’ll have too what’s mine is yours and yours is mine

Genre: Indie Pop
Biggest Hit for a damn good reason: Born Again Teen
The gift that keeps on giving: Almost Makes Me Wish for Rain
Beauty beyond belief: Dusty Trails

2. Ugly Cherries – PWR BTTM (technically, late 2015)
Image result for ugly cherries pwr bttm

“Why do we talk this way? I don’t know what to say. You’re pulling at me in the brain. Yuu lie every single day. I don’t know what to say. Because I am a certain way. Always  have to go explain. Why I have so much shame. Am I queerer than the brightest day?”

Genre: Queer Punk
Biggest hit for a damn good reason: I Wanna Boi
The gift that keeps on giving: Dairy Queen
Beauty beyond belief: C U Around

3. Moth – Chairlift
Chairlift - Moth.jpg

“When the limbs have all been shaken til there’s no more fruit to bear. When the tiger’s barely up to feed the sleepers at the wheel, When you run out pretending and there’s nowhere left to run But you keep running, running, running, running, running: Look up!”

Genre: Indie Synthpop
Biggest hit for a damn good reason:
The gift that keeps on giving:
 Show You Off
Beauty beyond belief: Polymorphing

4. Seattle’s Own – The Draze Experience
Image result for seattle's own draze

I did it for the city. I did for the love. I did it for the people. I did it for us”

Genre: Indie Hip Hop/Rap
Biggest hit for a damn good reason:
 The Irony on 23rd
The gift that keeps on giving:
 Seattle Sweeties
Beauty beyond belief: Ain’t Nobody Talking About No Real S***

5. Need Your Light – Ra Ra Riot
Image result for need your light ra ra riot

“Tired of sleeping on the sidewalk, Working at the bus stop night til morning, Tired and waiting for the sunlight, When it comes, it’s still dark where I’m going”

Genre: Indie Rock
Biggest hit for a damn good reason: Water
The gift that keeps on giving: Absolutely
Beauty beyond belief: 
I Need Your Light

6. x Infinity – Watsky
Image result for x infinity watsky

“Nothing matters so it doesn’t matter if nothing matters. And while you be, be true. And if you won’t, f*** you. Burn your clothes, open the wine, close your eyes, freeze time.”

Genre: Alternative/Comedy Hip Hop/Spoken Word
Biggest hit for a damn good reason: Talking to Myself
The gift that keeps on giving: Midnight Heart
Beauty beyond belief: 
Stick to Your Guns

7. Emotions and Math – Margaret Glaspy
Image result for emotions and math

“Oh when I got you by my side everything’s alright. It’s just when you’re gone I start to snooze the alarm cause I stay up until four in the morning”

Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Indie Folk
Biggest hit for a damn good reason: Emotions and Math
The gift that keeps on giving: No Matter Who
Beauty beyond belief: Somebody to Anybody

8. The Impossible Kid – Aesop Rock
Image result for impossible kid aesop rock


“Tech support, feral army, In a cave on a failed bit of terraforming. 4 corners of paranormal get shorn for a thermos and pair of thermals In the warehouse air where is dairy curdles”

Genre: Rap
Biggest hit for a damn good reason: Rings
The gift that keeps on giving: Kirby
Beauty beyond belief: Dorks

9. Love Letter for Fire – Jesca Hoop, Iron & Wine
Image result for love letter for fire

“happy, welcome to the feeling, coal comes, we’re sleeping in the sun”

Genre: Indie Folk
Biggest hit for a damn good reason: Every Songbird Says
The gift that keeps on giving: One Way to Pray
Beauty beyond belief: Soft Place to Land

10. Ojos Del Sol – Y La Bamba
Image result for ojos del sol y la bamba

“Hoy el sol se escondio, y no quiso salir, Te vio despertar, y le dio miedo morir”

Genre: Alternative/Indie
Biggest hit for a damn good reason: Ostrich
The gift that keeps on giving: Libre
Beauty beyond belief: Ojos Del Sol









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