Wolves, Shakespeare, and Fog!

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Hello readers!

I’ve been incredibly busy recently with tons of projects that I haven’t taken the time to tell you about ~ Here we go:

First, I had the amazing opportunity to play the Weekday Wolf with Storybook Theatre’s touring theatre for young audiences. I performed this awesome adaptation about 50 times for thousands of students across Washington State. It was a lovely time with a simply incredible cast and artistic team!


I also had an absolute blast playing the Adam track in Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)[Revised] at Secondstory Repertory. This was definitely a dream role with a dream team. I really felt like I found my comedic voice during the process and the audience’s laughter filled my spirit every night. Plus I got to wear so many WIGS! Again – dream team – cast and artistic team: a million thanks!


Next up you can see me playing the Understudy in the Fog Machine Play at Copious Love Productions. This play has everything: scene work, movement pieces, drama, comedy, dance, and lots of fog! We’ve been rehearsing really hard – fingers crossed I’ll get to go on!



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