New Song! Stop Where You Are

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This has been a busy, busy time for me. I  have not had a moment to breathe easy for months but, on the bright side, being busy keeps my mind occupied and steers my anxiety away. These past two years I’ve had a lot of on-again off-again anxiety and this song, by Corinne Bailey Rae, has helped me through some of that. This song, to me, is about accepting yourself no matter where you are on your life’s journey. If you still don’t have your dream job: you have the right to be happy anyway. If you haven’t achieved all the goals you’ve set for yourself: it’s okay. What you’ve done so far is beautiful, truly. Yes, there are places to go yet but you should be proud of what you’ve done so far.

Tonight I open The Fog Machine Play with Copious Love Productions ( Since January, I’ve done 3 shows back-to-back and at one point all 3 of them were overlapping. I’m exhausted and ready for a break but I’m also proud of myself for really throwing myself into this crazy and fulfilling world of theatre for the past 3 months. I hope with the closing of the Fog Machine play I find time for my personal projects and time to reconnect with old friends or kindle new friendships with folks I’ve met this past year. I hope on any given day I tell myself – STOP PANICKING ABOUT THE FUTURE – What can I do today to enjoy the time I have?

Love to all of you enjoy this song!!!

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