New Song! I am me. I am us.

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Happy Friday! Is it happy? With each new political disaster (yes, I believe healthcare is important!) I feel dragged down and sad about the way this year is shaping up. This song was inspired by many things. The book I was reading was called “The Soul of an Octopus”, the story of a woman befriending invertebrates. I was also listening to  the beautiful podcast “S-Town”, the story of a New York  City reporter befriending a man from rural Alabama. I was missing faraway friends while creating new friendships with amazing people and artists. I was thinking both about how many things feel horrible and divided while experiencing the magic of intertwining stories and friendships through vast differences. I’ve also been directing 50 elementary schoolers in an after-school play and I keep telling them: “You are only as good as the rest of the cast is so please, please, help each other. Stick up for each other. Work together to make this show awesome. You are you but you are also part of a cast.”

I think we are more powerful as individuals when we’re also thinking about the collective. Anyway, enjoy the song!

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