Top 10 Albums – 2017

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I’m not completely in tune to the music world (pun-intended), although I do my best to listen to lots of new music every year. I usually need time for music to sink into my heart and mind to become a favorite and while I find lots of favorite songs each year, finding full albums of amazing tunes is more difficult but incredibly rewarding when you find a gem.

That being said some amazing music was released in 2017 and these are my favorite albums in descending order (so stick around to the end to find out what my favorite was!) Please let me know what I missed (because I missed stuff) and happy new year everyone!

10. Rainbow – Kesha
Kesha - Rainbow (Official Album Cover).png
Genre: Pop

“I got too many people I got left to prove wrong
All those motherf***ers been too mean for too long”

9. Apocalipstick – Cherry Glazer

Genre: Indie Rock

“I was a lone wolf
I thought I lost my pack
Where are my ladies?
Nobody has my back”

8. Process – Sampha
Process - Sampha album.jpg
Genre: Electronic Soul

“I’ll work my way over into the sunlight here without looking directly into the sun
Magnetic lights in the blue-high haze
A magnifying glass upon my face”

7. Belong – San Fermin
Belong artwork
Genre: Indie Rock

Are you ready for me?
Is she gone?”

6. Ash – Ibeyi
Ash artwork
Genre: Electronic R&B

“I carried this for years
Carried this for years
Carried this for years”

5. K. Flay – Every Where is Some Where

Genre: Alternative Hip Hop

“Nobody showed you how to live?
Me either
Get a steady job, couple kids
Act decent”

4. The Greatest Depression – Wally Tusk & the Film Club

Genre: Folk Punk

“I’ve been eating too much pizza for this to be healthy.
I’m not kidding here. I haven’t had a comfortable s*** in weeks”

3. Melodrama – Lorde
Lorde - Melodrama.png
Genre: Electropop

“I do my makeup in somebody else’s car
We order different drinks at the same bars”

2. DAMN! – Kendrick Lamar
Damn. Kendrick Lamar.jpg
Genre: Hip Hop

“I got, I got, I got, I got
Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA
Cocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA”

1. Young – Overcoats

Genre: Electronic Folk

“My father understands the demons I wrestle with in my daydream
And knows what to say when they are winning”



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