New Song! Turtles All The Way Down

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6 six years ago John Green released his bestselling book, “The Fault in Our Stars”. I pre-ordered the book and had it delivered to my doorstep the day of its release. I finished the book within 24 hours and within the next two days I had written a song about the book and uploaded it to YouTube. This would go on to become my most popular song (thanks to some help from the Green brothers themselves) so I thought I’d do the same for John’s next book Turtles All the Way Down……..

Except, life’s a lot different now than it was six years ago. I’m no longer a student and have tons of grown up responsibilities and challenges including, ya know, a job and chores and grocery shopping and having a social life and trying to balance everything and AAAAAAAHHHHH ADULTING IS HARD. So, I was not as quick to write and upload the song. (It’s been 4 months instead of 3 days) BUT! I DID IT!!! The song is available for the world!

I love this book and I connect deeply to it. It’s exploration of mental health through the main character Aza is heartbreaking and uplifting and I connect with it on a personal level. I highly recommend this book. My song has TONS of quote spoilers so read the book first. HAPPY READING!! Here’s the song. Lyrics are below!

I’m learning that life is a story about you
It’s not a story you tell
I don’t control the people around me
I barely control myself

If the thoughts that I think are not penned by me
am I truly the author of my own story?
Am I a fictional me?
And can you see the same world I see?

And the thoughts in my head spiral round and around
Ever tightening, gripping, a deafening sound
Can I rise to the surface? Am I destined to drown?
Is my story mine for the telling? Is it turtles all the way down? (x2)

If I can’t choose the picture, then I choose the frame
I choose love. I choose friendship. I choose to battle my brain.
You can love and be loved. Nothing deserved except love.
And when I wonder, when I question, when I laugh, when I cry,
I know love is how you become a person and why


You are the fire and the water to extinguish
You’re the narrator and the sidekick and the protagonist
You’re the storyteller and the story told
Things grow better, worse, better, worse
As you grow old
And we all do.
You are somebody’s something but you are also your you. (x2)


One thought on “New Song! Turtles All The Way Down

    Britta said:
    March 4, 2018 at 11:29 am

    This is beautiful! You have an amazing voice and I love how you turned all the feelings of this book into such a heartfelt song. Wonderful!

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