New Song! Empty Space

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Not to be confused with Blank Space, the T Swift song. This song is VERY different and one of my more somber and sad tunes. Also, my musical theatre roots are definitely showing in this one. Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Have you ever missed someone? Whether they were gone a short time, a long time, or forever, I think we’ve all experienced longing for someone who’s not there. This song is definitely my anxiety writing. Sometimes when someone close to me leaves for a short trip I feel so anxious that they won’t return and I imagine what life would be like without them. SO THANKS, ANXIETY, for helping me write a beautiful song. Next time I have to write something happier as part of my one happy song for every sad song agreement I’ve made to myself. This is so when I’m feeling anxious and sad I have a creative outlet for myself but I don’t let negative feelings take over my entire creative process. Until next time! Enjoy the tune and visit my bandcamp if you want to download or own the song.

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