Fear of Flying – Original Song

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I’ve been flying in airplanes since before I can remember. Two reasons.
1) My parents have the travel bug and that’s the only way to get across the world.
2) My parents both work for Boeing so they have an interest in and a knowledge of flight.

From as young as I can remember our family was getting in a plane to fly to Alaska or Africa. OR my parents would borrow my grandpa’s tiny plane and fly my brother and I themselves. Yup. They had pilot licenses. But I never enjoyed these trips the way the rest of my family did. The destination was always awesome but the airplane ride itself made me anxious, nervous, and jumpy. On many a domestic or international flight a slight bounce or minor turbulence would have me quickly glancing up at my parents to see if anything was wrong. They were always unperturbed, seeing those things as completely normal. Meanwhile, I was picturing all of us spiraling to our deaths. My parents explained in every way they could how safe flying was. The told me it’s safer than driving which I don’t have a fear of. My mom explained that even if an engine died, which is highly unlikely, the airplane is prepared and a large mishap would not be the result of it. Despite all of these facts, I can’t help the fear. It sneaks up on me when I tell myself I’m fine, I’m safe, I’m courageous. I consistently try to fight past all of my fears, at least the irrational ones. Because of this, I will be flying in planes for the rest of my life.  I’ll always want to travel and see the world. I don’t think writing this song made all of my anxiety vanish but I think it helped, at least a bit. Sometimes my songs are like self-therapy. I’m encouraging myself to be a better person and a stronger person in the future. Writing this was a way of  inspiring myself to push past the fear and enjoy the airtime. I’ll remind myself each time I step on a plane.

I thought of the first line when boarding a plane from Seattle to Dallas. I filmed the first line when flying from Dallas back home to Seattle. I didn’t have any other clips. Thanks to David, Nicole, and Jacob – who responded to a tweet and second channel video – I was able to compose a video that I’m quite proud of. Thanks for reading and watching!

Magic & Mayhem: This Week in Review

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i’m late posting this. oops.

You may call me an easy 5. Perhaps you are correct. My reviews are mostly positive. This is partially because I’m a positive person but also because I try to avoid things that I think I won’t like and end up reading amazing books and watching incredible films.

This week I bring you 2 books and 1 movie that were all incredible.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
by Douglas Adams

In the sequel to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the crew members’ craving for tea and a good meal get them into lots of trouble all across the infinite universe. I thought this sequel was just as good as the first. Once again Adams mocks humanity, jokes about the meaning of life, and imagines complexly other galaxies and people. Not to mention that every page is full of jokes that range from clever to silly, snarky-smile-of-amusement to pee-your-pants-funny. I really cannot praise it enough. 5/5 stars

by Roald Dahl

Matilda is a little child genius and when her parents and her headmaster take her completely for granted mischievous and extraordinary things begin to happen. Before you make fun of me for reading a 200 page chapter book with pictures, I will say that the musical Matilda has been getting some publicity and looks spectacular which is part of the reason I picked up the book. It only took me a couple hours to read and although it is definitely a children’s book, it is a perfect children’s book. The characters are funny, lovable, and outrageous. Matilda is the perfect little protagonist in every single way. 5/5 stars

The Remains of the Day
directed by James Ivory

Stevens, the perfect English butler, worked for Lord Darlington through two great wars and now, with a new employer and times changing, he takes a road trip across the countryside which makes him contemplate his past. This is the best book to movie adaptation I have ever seen. While every movie has some differences from the book, all the minor changes in this movie were thought out so that the heart of the story was always preserved. There were some parts that even felt more real because you could see the world of the characters. Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Grant definitely deliver and Emma Thompson is captivating at every moment. This may be a rarity but I do feel like reading the book enhances the movie-watching experience as it could feel slow without first understanding the slower moments. 4.5/5 (Only cause read.book.first.)

I LOVE CAKE…but not frosting?

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It all started one evening when I was sitting in the dining hall at my university with some friends. I had just visited the dessert section and returned with a glorious piece of chocolate cake. As I sat down I carefully started removing the frosting from the cake before eating it. A friend looked at me, shocked. When I explained that I really love cake but I almost never eat the frosting he asked, “Do you hate all things? Do you hate puppies?!” Well, of course I don’t hate puppies. So, I asked him. “Would you like to eat my frosting?” And naturally, he took my frosting and we were both happier because of it. This has been a reoccurring story in my life. I remember in elementary school when classmates would bring in cupcakes for their birthdays. I never had a problem finding someone who was interested in eating my frosting and it was always a better cake experience for both of us. Now, I don’t hate all frosting. There are some types that I quite enjoy, especially cheese cake frosting which is part of the reason I have developed such a love for red velvet cake. But, my feelings about most frostings spurred further conversation that same day in the dining hall. Someone from across the table said “Kaysy, you should write a song about how you love cake but not the frosting, and make it like a metaphor for love or something!” Well, I kind of liked that idea and started to write that song. However, I just couldn’t alienate potential cake loving friends. At least not yet because the simple truth is I. LOVE. CAKE. The fact that I don’t like frosting has honestly only made me love cake even more because all of my great cake sharing experiences. So, I set aside the frosting song (for a bit. it may make a comeback later If I so desire) and set out to write a song about my love for cake.

On a different note: I hope the message of this song is not taken the wrong way. I  wrote the lyrics carefully in hopes that anything about body image would not be taken the wrong way, although that is a sensitive subject on the internet and among soecity. I hope that you already know that I will always promote self-love, and along with self-love comes PERSONAL choice. We tend to be blasted with opinions from all directions. There’s the “food doesn’t taste as good as skinny feels” mantra but there are others shutting that down saying ” eat what you want and love your body no matter what”. You’ll get haters if you’re dieting – “just eat something already” – and you’ll get haters if you’re deemed overweight – “cut back on the junk and go to the gym”. In this song I don’t claim to be “fat” (ugh i hate that word) or “skinny”. What I do claim is like most girls, I’ve heard the body image voices from all around me and in my own head. I’ve decided not to give up cake and life’s delicacies because they make me PERSONALLY happy. I believe that everything should be your personal choice. No matter what you choose in your lifestyle, don’t let the haters get to you. It’s all about self love and I will always promote self love even if it’s in weird ways (like songs about cake).

I hope you enjoy the song, the video, and this blog post. This has been a fun one!